SSL Certificate: Why You Need it and How to Get It for Free?

If you run your own website or online store, you’ve undoubtedly come across either the term SSL or TLS. Have you wondered what those terms have to do with your website’s security? Both SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) are certificates that act as important components in your website’s security.

SSL/TLS certificates run in the background to protect all data that passes in and out of your website. These certificates encrypt sensitive data (such as credit card information or login credentials) to make it difficult for cybercriminals to intercept the information.

To make the terms more clear, SSL is an older version of TLS. When you buy an “SSL” certificate now, you always get the updated version – TLS. SSL is a more commonly used term in the industry, so the term SSL or SSL/TLS nowadays is used.

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of having an SSL/TLS certificate and how you can get it completely for free.

Why is SSL Important?

Additionally, SSL/TLS is a must if you operate an e-commerce shop since it makes confidential transactions possible.

One measure for this degree of security is outlined in the PCI Security Standards. Produced by the PCI Security Standards Council, this is an extensive list of what a website security system should be able to do in terms of protecting itself and its sensitive data from outside interference.

Implementing an SSL is one of the most crucial steps towards meeting these security standards.

While your visitors may not understand the precise details of these security standards, the visual confirmation that your website is secure will definitely enhance their trust.

Especially if your site handles sensitive information, such as payment processing.

Improved user trust can additionally affect your Google rankings, which serves as a cornerstone for any effective SEO plan. In addition, Google has been known to give slight rankings boosts to those websites that are in compliance with contemporary website security standards (and punishing those who aren’t).

As such, maintaining an up-to-date security system that incorporates an SSL certificate could make a difference in how high your page ranks. All in all, an SSL certificate impacts the user trust as well as your SEO ranks.

How Can an SSL be Free?

When you purchased your domain and hosting, you were likely offered to buy an SSL/TLS certificate for use on your new site. This is because web hosts are one of the primary proprietors of SSL/TLS certificates.

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