Essential Computer Features for Your Laptop or Desktop Computer

That means you need to take time to compare different features and consider the depreciation value of your purchases. You need to consider the key features your employees need on a daily basis, and what types of features will help to streamline daily activities and support your business operations for the long-term.

Here are some essential computer features for desktop and laptops to keep in mind when choosing a laptop or desktop computer for your small business:

Type of Processor

The higher the speed of the processor, the faster the computer will be able to handle multiple programs and activities. If your employees work with any type of multimedia on a regular basis, it will be even more important to invest in desktop computers or laptops built with the latest computer processors.

Hard Drive

The hard drive is where your computer stores all of your computer’s files and software programs. Make sure you are investing in desktop and laptops that offer enough hard drive space to handle all of your media files, software programs, and other files that require a lot of hard disk space. You may end up having to invest in an external hard drive if your computer’s existing hard drive cannot accommodate for larger files such as videos, audio files, and even digital images.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

The higher the RAM, the more efficiently and faster the computer will run. Make sure to compare the amount of RAM when buying a laptop or desktop computer so you are investing in a computer system that can handle daily tasks and activities without setbacks or interruptions.

Dual Monitor Options

Many employees can benefit from working with a dual monitor because the dual display can make it easier to work with multiple windows at once and stay organized. If you want to improve workplace efficiency, consider investing in a computer that can support multiple computer monitors, ideally through HDMI support.

Display Type

Does the computer or laptop monitor display have a large enough display for employees to manage multiple screens or does it have limitations? Does the monitor have touchscreen capabilities or is it a standard screen? Keep in mind that a large screen size with high resolution will make it easier for employees involved with managing graphics, video, and other multimedia to perform their job duties. This is one of those computer features that is easy to overlook but is still an important component of the workstation.

Wireless Connectivity

When you are planning to use wireless printers, scanners, and other gadgets designed with Bluetooth capabilities and Wi-Fi connectivity in the office, you need to make sure the laptop or desktop computer is designed with the latest Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions. This can be very beneficial for a busy office setting where you want to limit wires and cables around a work space.

Operating System

It’s an age-old question: are you a Mac or PC person? Are you planning to use Apple products throughout the office or is everyone a Windows user? Apple computers are equipped with OS X operating systems while PCs are designed with Windows. Consider the types of computers the majority of your employees will be using or have experience using so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time and resources for employee training.

Graphics Card

If your business works in a field that relies heavily on graphics, such as website design, game production, or video production, you will need to make sure your laptop or desktop computers are designed with a graphics card or graphics chip. The graphics card works to display images clearly.

With these features in mind, you now should be able to go out and research the best laptops for your small business or best desktops for your office.

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