Best Web Hosting Providers – A Complete Overview

This article will list the best web hosting providers out there as well as guide you on what things to focus on while choosing one. 

Every website that you visit is hosted somewhere. Without web hosting your website simply wouldn’t exist. In fact, nothing on the internet would exist.

Some big websites take care of hosting themselves because they generate high traffics and profit enough to afford their own servers. However, simple people, like you and me, need hosting providers to host a website. Good thing is – there’s a lot to choose from.

So much to choose from that it might be hard to decide. There are hundreds if not thousands of hosting providers and they all will tell you the same thing – their service is the best.

Well, the truth is – there isn’t one provider that universally fits all websites. Each website is different and requires different data, bandwidth, and storage allowances.

So how do you choose the best web hosting?

There are several important hosting features that can determine how smoothly a live site will perform.

A good hosting provider should be fast, have reliable uptime and response times, effective support and be easy to use.

To find the best web hosting providers, I have tested the performance, pricing, user-friendliness, support, and features of nearly 100 web hosting companies. Here is a list of my personal favorite hosting providers.

Best Web Hosting Providers

The following providers really excel in all (or the majority) of these categories. These are the best hosting providers:

  • Bluehost – best all-rounder with a strong focus on WordPress.
  • HostGator – best hosting for small businesses.
  • Hostinger – best cheap and powerful web hosting.
  • A2 Hosting – best scalable hosting solutions.
  • DreamHost – best reliable business-oriented hosting.
  • InterServer – best all-round web hosting.
  • GoDaddy – reliable and user-friendly hosting.
  • InMotion – fully-featured web hosting.
  • HostPapa – best web hosting for beginners.
  • SiteGround– best web hosting with excellent support.

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